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Anneli Saro TÜ_Foto-Andres Tennus
Humanities as one of the milestones of society

When talking about economy, we often think about energetics, technology and innovation. But humanities is definitely also a part of it and has a great impact on society. Nevertheless, we are still hearing that humanities are useless and the studies carried out with taxpayers’ money have no use to society. It is difficult to changeread more

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Green earth
Competition: Recycling in collaboration with scientists and companies

An environmentally friendly way of thinking is a growing trend. A couple of decades ago topics such as the global warming and being eco friendly were not taken very seriously, now we can’t get by without these topics. Just recently, the European Parliament adopted a decision to ban the marketing of single-use plastic products suchread more

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Development of cosmetic products through Adapter

Travellers definitely know when they need an adapter. If you are travelling to Great Britain, China or the United States, then this device is a useful friend for you. That is why you can find many questions about it on the internet forums e.g. do you need an adapter in Mexico? Where can I buyread more

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Ülo Niinemets Foto Raigo Saariste
How Estonia blazed a trail in science

When Ülo Niinemets began his PhD in plant science at the University of Tartu in Estonia, he had access to only the most basic tools. It was 1993, two years after Estonia had won independence from the collapsing Soviet Union. The university had just two computers for around 10,000 students and researchers. “I had aread more

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Autor_allikas Siim Lõvi – ERR President andis allkirjastatud teadusleppe üle haridus- ja teadusminister Mailis Repsile
A research agreement that raises public funding for research and development was signed

The chairmen of Estonian political parties and representatives of research institutions, scientists and major business organizations signed a research agreement that raises public funding for research and development to 1% of gross domestic product. “It is a major event that the long-awaited social agreement is born. It is a unique pact based on recognizing theread more

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The study and research work in the new energetics laboratory will increase the reliability of Estonian electricity systems

On November 27, a new energetics lab was opened in TalTech, where university researchers and students can detect and remove failures in the electrical system.  TalTech’s energetics’ students, researchers and operating engineers are now able to test and analyse the reliability of the Estonian electricity systems. The lab was created as a collaboration of TalTech,read more

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Erik Puura 4
Five recommendations for entrepreneurs cooperating with universities

I have come into contact with the University of Tartu and it’s business cooperations for almost thirty years, and I see that this is a continuously relevant topic. Universities can now contribute much more to business R & D and product development than before because we have the most advanced equipment to use and weread more

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Estonian scientists created a meat analogue from peas

The food pyramid in Estonia has been turned upside down – too few vegetables are consumed, although they should be the main part in the menu. Tables are filled with meat products, which experts recommend to consume three to four times less. Estonian scientists from the Development Centre for Food and Fermentation Technologies contributed toread more

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University of Tartu and Graanul Invest cooperate to develop wood valorisation technology

University of Tartu and AS Graanul Invest signed a framework agreement last week which provides for research and development cooperation to develop wood and biomass valorisation technology in Estonia. According to the five-year agreement, the parties plan to conduct joint research studies and develop training programmes. Graanul Invest is also willing to contribute to doctoralread more

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Traditional Estonian tree sap in a new modern form

Birch juice has been consumed in Estonia for hundreds of years but now the Saaremaa family company Öselbirch in cooperation with Food And Fermentation Technology Development CentRe has developed a lemonade based on birch juice. When thinking about birch juice, a lot of people are reminded of fresh spring days with grandparents and drinking birchread more

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