Vibroacoustic massage bed from TU Haapsalu College

Vibroacoustic massage bed from TU Haapsalu College
  • 06. June 2017
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This brand new bed was developed in the Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation (TERE KK) of Tallinn University Haapsalu College. The authors of its industrial design solution are Arvo Pärenson, Raivo Hein, and Taavet Pärenson.

According to Arvo Pärenson, the main objective was to create an ergonomic and aesthetic device, which would be comfortable and logical to use both for the patient and the person conducting the procedure. While designing the device, we put the main emphasis on novel form and engineering solutions and its ease of use. We tried to stand out among the traditional designs of medical products and create an elegant and airy product, which would also add an emotional aspect and trust to the value of a therapeutic procedure. The group of designers managed to find an original way to solve several technical nuances, resulting in a complete design solution protected by the Estonian Patent Office and the recognition of results at the IDSA international design contest held in the United States in 2015. The cooperation between the experts of TU Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation and Aquator OÜ, the executor of the prototype, was excellent.  Thanks to this, the outcome is in every way competitive and aesthetically enjoyable.

Company SMARTdo, owned by businessman Priit Aigro from Haapsalu, has also shown interest in the future of health services and the desire to contribute to the development of some interesting products brought him to Tallinn University Haapsalu College. His company came across a sound therapy bed designed and perfected here, for the marketing of which a business partner was needed. According to the entrepreneur, cooperation with the competency centre is a great opportunity, because here you can find the best knowledge concerning the hard- and software of this development and also nature of the therapy. The innovatively designed therapy device, co-produced by TERE KK and SMARTdo OÜ has an ergonomic position, which is comfortable for the patient as well as the person conducting the procedures. It is mobile, easy to maintain, and aesthetically suitable for different environments. Vibroacoustic therapy helps to improve health and relieve pain, stress, muscle strains, and insomnia. The bed has built-in speakers, which play low frequency sounds that create a mild vibration and have pleasant effects on the person lying on the bed. In addition to the vibration, background audio also plays an important role when using the therapy device.  Corresponding software helps when combining vibroacoustic and sound therapy.

The effect of vibroacoustics is confirmed by a number of scientific researches; therefore it cannot be regarded as alternative medicine.

Recently, SMARTdo OÜ signed a contract with an Indian health care technology centre InnovatioCuris, who will start advertising the vibroacoustic massage bed HealBED on their huge market.

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