TTU’s engineering scientists solve the problems of ageing Mustamäe

TTU’s engineering scientists solve the problems of ageing Mustamäe
  • 02. November 2016
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The planned life span of numerous buildings in Mustmäe (i.e. fifty years) is coming to an end. Therefore, scientists of Tallinn University of Technology (TTU) are studying the renovation options of the buildings. TTU’s scientist Simo Ilomets is introducing an innovative idea as a solution: using wood instead of plastered insulation. Lecturer of TTÜ Faculty of Civil Engineering Simo Ilomets says that high heating bills, decomposition of facades and balconies and indoor climate worry people living in Mustamäe the most. For example, nearly half of the apartments have a high risk of mildew due to poor ventilation. See TTÜ’s science seconds video at ERR’s science portal Novaator.

Ilomets says: “Since the need for renovation is inevitable, for the past years we in TTU have studied the effectiveness of current solutions. In addition to computer simulations and lab tests, we have also done some fieldwork.”

Ilomets explained on the example of a typical building, Sõpruse boulevard 244, which was renovated with the help of TTU’s scientists, how such building could easily be renovated by using wood and how new technical systems can also be hidden behind wooden elements.

Ilomets brings out some advantages of renovating with prefabricated wooden elements, which include short duration of renovation works, using wood as an environment-friendly material, high quality, the opportunity to integrate technical systems to additional panels and better management of humidity risks.

TTU has all the necessary equipment to study everything related to energy efficient buildings. “In addition to different software, we also have access to a zero-energy i.e. A-class level test building in which we study the technical systems, including renewable energy sources and indoor climate.”

Ilomets says that in the future the insulation of outer walls will be done with factory-made wooden elements in addition to the current plaster insulation. As a pilot project, they are planning to renovate a five-storey concrete building in Mustamäe to the level of zero-energy.

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