Simulations of air traffic services

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The Estonian Aviation Academy’s Air Traffic Control simulator database contains visuals of Tallinn, Luxembourg, Tartu, Kuressaare, Kärdla, Pärnu and Ämari airports. The Academy’s Air Traffic Services department can also create new visuals and environments for airports on request.

The simulator set includes:
– short-range Air Traffic Control simulator (TWR);
– radar control operating positions;
– positions for pseudo pilots;
– projection systems.

Simulations corresponding to different competencies can be performed simultaneously and independently of each other, or the cooperation of several units can be simulated within the one exercise.

During simulation programming, virtual models of 61 different types of aircraft and 36 types of ground vehicles may be used. The simulator set has a total of seven jobs which can be configured either as an instructor or as an Air Traffic Controller, and nine positions for pseudo pilots.

An unmanned aircraft system simulator can be interfaced with the flight control simulator. This makes it possible to simulate the operation of unmanned and manned air traffic in the same airspace.

The unmanned aircraft system simulator can also be used independently for remote pilot training and flight mission planning.

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