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Tallinn University

Tallinn University, School of Natural Sciences and Health

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Service description

The Laboratory of Molecular Sciences is used for world-class scientific work, as well as experimental research and development. Private sector’s interest in the competence of Molecular Sciences is constantly increasing. Amongst the brands that have developed their own cosmetics range in the Laboratory, in cooperation with Tallinn University, are Berrichi, Turbliss OÜ and LoondSPA OÜ. The scientists of Tallinn University have also developed brewing clarifiers for the Canadian corporation Lallemand Inc. The Laboratory offers an opportunity to test various ingredients and substances in various ratios, to test the toxicity, conservation and consistency of a product, and to determine the anti-ageing and antioxidant qualities. In addition to developing cosmetic products, we are able to carry out other analyses, including the determination of chemical composition in various biomasses (e.g. algae, horticultural and agricultural products). Scientific instruments of the Laboratory include:
– instruments for sample preparation and storage;
– instruments for analyses and measurements.

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