Micro-scale visualisation and characterization of solid materials with environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM)

University of Tartu

University of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology (old), Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, Tartu University, Department of Geology

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Service description

Environmental Scanning electron microscopy is capable to image and analyse micro-scale solid objects of different composition, including biological samples, magnification ranging from 65X up to 100 000X. It is possible to determine chemical composition and its heterogeneity of studied samples and to determine the spacial arrangement of sample constituents e.g. elements with energy-dispersive (EDS) or wavelength-dispersive (WDS) spectroscopy methods. Capable of detecting elements from C12 to U92, detection limit 0.01%. Instrument Zeiss EVO MA15, equipped with Oxford X-Max 80mm2 EDS, Oxford WDS and Nordlys EBSD

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