High-resolution mass spectrometric analysis

University of Tartu

University of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute of Chemistry

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Service description

Identification of exact molecular mass and formula for organic compounds of samples in mass range from 15 to 1000+ Da. Data analysis based on molecular formula of compounds, determination of degree of unsaturation.
Sample can be solid/non-soluble, liquid/soluble or gaseous. Analysis of sample is usually carried out without prior fractionation.
For sample introduction and ionization can be used laser desorption-ionization (LDI, MALDI), atmospheric pressure ionization (ESI, APCI) and electron ionization (EI, CI).
Data treatment and analysis (non-exhaustive list):
1) Calculation of double bond and ring equivalent (DBE) for identified compounds, identification of acidic and basic compounds.
2) In-depth analysis of sample components in terms of distribution by number of element atoms, atomic ratios (van Krevelen), classification based on chemical constitution and atomic ratios.
3) Kendrick mass analysis for identification of homologous series.
Possibility for sample fractionation (chromatography, vacuum- and cryoseparation, extraction, reactions with acids and bases, etc).
Samples: synthesis products, fractions of fossil and bio-fuels, industrial, environmental and biological samples, polymeric materials, etc.

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