Applied Research

We offer research based activities, which would help the company to find opportunities to earn additional income or to optimize existing activities.

We also offer analyzes that help to evaluate the efficiency of the company, develop it and compare it with the most innovative companies in Estonia. We also conduct various customer satisfaction surveys.

The analysis of big data includes, for example, an analysis based on data collected from the (purchasing) behavior of (retail) customers, or also the analysis and optimization of data-intensive processes in a (manufacturing) company.

The analysis of the company’s operation includes research related to the roles and satisfaction of management and employees, and the comparison of the results with innovative start-ups, young people entering the labor market or a suitable comparison group.

In the case of a broad customer survey, we analyze the feedback of both the direct customer (eg the subscriber of a service or good) and the end user, ie the consumer of the service or good.

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