Supporting circular and green economy in entrepreneurship

14. September 2021

Consultation on the drawing up of plans for the circular and green economy. Research and planning of waste streams for enterprises and carrying out statistical analysis of the environment and waste.

Conducting research on sustainable water treatment

14. September 2021

– General assessment and expert assessment of the operation of waste water treatment plants and drinking water treatment plants- Preparation of energy audits of waste water treatment processes- Compilation of mass balances of waste water treatment plants- Optimisation of waste water treatment plants- …

Virus Isolation Test from sample

11. September 2021

Virus isolation (including SARS-CoV-2) from different samples (saliva, blood, different surfaces, air samples, etc.).

Molecular science laboratories

07. May 2021

The Laboratory of Molecular Sciences is used for world-class scientific work, as well as experimental research and development. Private sector’s interest in the competence of Molecular Sciences is constantly increasing. Amongst the brands that have developed their own cosmetics range in the Laboratory, …

Consultations: resource valorisation, product development of natural cosmetics

07. May 2021

Consulting service (incl development of cosmetic products, food supplements, probiotics, plant extracts, valorization of natural raw material, review of (promotional) texts and verification of correct use of terminology, identification of scientific inconsistencies in video scenarios, review of production …

Measurement of greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, N2O) fluxes and environmental parameters

08. December 2020

Measurement of greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, N2O) fluxes and environmental parameters woth portable instruments

Determining the concentration of nanoparticles in ambient or indoor air.

29. July 2019

Determining the concentration of nanoparticles with a diameter of 2.5-1000nm in ambient or indoor air.

Ichthyopathological investigation, counselling and training on fish health

05. April 2018

Counselling and training of veterinarians, fish farmers and environmental specialists with a view to reduce the health risks of the wild caught and farmed fish as well as to increase the production efficiency and competitiveness in aquaculture.- Ichthyopathological investigations and fish health examinations.- …

Forest pathogens detection and wood quality estimation

03. March 2018

Determination of disease agents on trees, detection of wood discoloration and rot fungi, molecular diagnostics, forest pathological assessmentWe detect pathogens of trees and wood, e.g. agents of wood discoloration and wood rot. We can determine pathogens’ agents of the latent phase from seedlings …

measurement of harzards in the working environment

23. February 2018

The laboratory of ergonomics (the Institute of Business Administration)is carrying out the following measurements in the air of the work environment:1.Measurement of indoor climate parametres; 2. Measurement of light density; 3. Measurement of noise level; 4. Measurement of vibration; 5. Measurement …

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