Analysis of information management and consultations

14. September 2021

Analysis of the organization’s information management system. Consultations on the preparation of the underlying documents and instructions for organizing information management.

Conducting research on service quality

14. September 2021

Mapping customer service and customer satisfaction and service quality control on the principles of test purchases and Mystery Shopping. A personal approach to assessing the quality of service of an enterprise – designing and conducting a study based on the concept of an enterprise. As a follow-up to …

Molecular science laboratories

07. May 2021

The Laboratory of Molecular Sciences is used for world-class scientific work, as well as experimental research and development. Private sector’s interest in the competence of Molecular Sciences is constantly increasing. Amongst the brands that have developed their own cosmetics range in the Laboratory, …

Consultations: resource valorisation, product development of natural cosmetics

07. May 2021

Consulting service (incl development of cosmetic products, food supplements, probiotics, plant extracts, valorization of natural raw material, review of (promotional) texts and verification of correct use of terminology, identification of scientific inconsistencies in video scenarios, review of production …

Digitalisation service by Tallinn University Academic Library

27. January 2021

Geoscience collections and data services

14. December 2020

Geoscience collections and data services at the Tallinn University of Technology host visitors, provide access, lend out physical specimens and provide various data storage and availability services to scientists and other interested parties from Estonia and elsewhere in the world. The scientific collections …

Meta-Share node for Language Resources

10. December 2020

Data Management and Consultation for Language Resources

10. December 2020

Federated Content Search for language resources

10. December 2020

Climate experiments in plant growth chambers

30. November 2020

Experiments can be conducted in two double-sided plant growth chambers Percival AR-95-HIL (Percival Scientific). Chambers are suitable for experiments on herbaceous species, crop plants and tree seedlings. Simultaneous manipulation of different chamber (air humidity, temperature, photosynthetically active …

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