Precise editing of barley genome using CRISPR-Cas9

10. January 2022

Zeiss LSM 900 laser scanning confocal microscope

06. January 2022

Zeiss LSM 900 laser scanning confocal microscope.

Genome editing in plants or plant viruses using CRISPR/Cas9 technology

14. October 2021

Using CRISPR/Cas9 technology we can edit the plant or plant virus genome to study a specific gene and/or change a trait.

Construction of plant gas exchange measuring equipment

23. September 2021

We can develop and construct specific laboratory equipment for measuring plant gas exchange simultaneously in several plants as well as portable devices to be used on the field.

Transient expression of a protein in a plant system

23. September 2021

We offer service to express a protein of interest in a plant system such as tobacco leaves. It includes also molecular cloning prior to the expression. Could be used to develop a plant-based production systems for medical components etc.

Bioinformatic gene expression analysis of plant genes

23. September 2021

We offer bioinformatic analysis of plant genes, which are affecting the level of nutrients, metabolites, vitamins etc. The service is provided together with consultation.

Applied researches in a field of radon

14. September 2021

Consulting and conducting radon assessments in working and living environments and buildings, to check for safety and verify regulatory requirements. Radiological i-index determination for building materials and measurement of the radon exhalation rate (surface and massic) for building materials. Radon …

Logistics and transport planning

14. September 2021

The aim of supply chain management is to maximise sales to the final consumer and, on the other hand, to minimise costs along the supply chain. The focus of the studies is on auditing, optimizing and digitizing the supply chain, and managing the company’s logistics systems.

Employee welfare research and counselling

14. September 2021

Strong mental health and general well-being of employees help to increase work efficiency. We conduct research that maps and helps to monitor indicators of interest to employers both over time and by groups. By analyzing the data collected and relying on academic knowledge, we can provide evidence-based …

Laboratory services for work environment measurement

14. September 2021

Examination of working environment conditions and measurement of environmental parameters including laboratory services: relative humidity and temperature, airflow rate in premises, intensity, noise measurements.

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