General lighting and technological research of general lighting

14. September 2021

In the TTK light laboratory it is possible to analyse and test the operation of the various luminaires, the remote lighting control, the KNX and the DALI solutions. Assess the impact and suitability of different luminous intensities in an architectural solution.

Architectural design

14. September 2021

Preparing projects related to architecture and planning, analysing materials and providing possible alternative solutions. Involving students in design and creative work.

Researching the history of nursing in the context of Estonian society and different cultures, with a focus on the Soviet-era

11. August 2021

Although Soviet-era nursing in Estonia has been studied, the existing research is mainly chronological and concise. At the same time, nurses with Soviet-era education have been the developers of new and modern nursing education and the founders of the principles of modern nursing in Estonia, which is …

Small craft model testing and marine eguipment testing

02. April 2019

Determination of ship seakeeping capabilities through model tests. Marine technology and sensor tests.

Development and advanced prefabrication of innovative, multifunctional building envelope elements for MOdular REtrofitting and CONNECTions (MORE-CONNECT)

23. February 2018

The purpose of More-Connect is the selection and development of components that are necessary to achieve a certain base quality and, additionally, extra qualities. These components should be suitable to be combined in the multifunctional modular renovation elements and be suitable to be processed in …

Compiling and preforming of feasibility study of oil shale mine and oil shale treatment plant establishment in Jordan

23. February 2018

Design and fabrication of plastic components

23. February 2018

We offer services of building plastic components and prototypes (no limitations on geometrical complexity). Selective Laser Sintering and 3D Printing technology are used (the physical part or moving assembly is made automatically based on 3D CAD model). The technology can be used for Rapid Prototyping …

Surface roughness measurement

23. February 2018

Surface roughness measurements. Measurements are performed by contact profilometer, enabling main outputs as Ra, Rz, Rmax, Rp, Rv etc.

Three-axis robot with digital servodrives

23. February 2018

PL and Raman spectroscopy

23. February 2018

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