Kaubamaja and ADAPTER announce a competition “A forward-looking way of life”.

Single-use-plastic packaging is a major problem in the world. Estonians purchase nearly 300 million plastic bags a year, the average life of a plastic bag is 20 minutes. It takes the same amount of time to get home from the store. At the world scale, the numbers are even more drastic – according to UN 2018 UNEP, there are an estimated 10 million plastic bags being used per minute in the world. When these bags were tied together, the planet could be packed seven times in one hour. Kaubamaja

Kaubamaja, in cooperation with the Estonian research and development institution ADAPTER organizes a competition to discover new smart solutions for the recycling of film and plastic.

From the revenue from the sale of plastic bags, Kaubamaja puts out a € 5,000 prize for the idea that the jury suggests as the best solution.

We are waiting for the entries from 6th of March till 20th of September.

You can read the terms and conditions here.

Jury members are:

  • Erkki Laugus, CEO of Kaubamaja AS
  • Erik Puura, Vice Rector for Development, University of Tartu
  • Andres Krumme, Professor of Department of Material and Environmental, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Ingrid Hindrikson, expert in business relations, Tallinn University
  • Kätlin Kangur, Professor of Sustainable Design, Estonian Academy of Arts
  • Eva Truuverk, “Let’s do it” manager Monica Vilms, Lecturer in Technological Ecology, Tallinn University of Applied Sciences
  • Harri Moora, Senior Research Fellow, Stockholm Environmental Institute Tallinn Center
  • Pilleriin Laanemets, CEO, Estonian Plastic Industry Association