Focal length measurement equipment for the first assistent of XV1 film operator

Focal length measurement equipment for the first assistent of XV1 film operator
  • 20. March 2017

The aim of the project was to develop in cooperation with the customer Sensition OÜ a device, which will help to focus the camera image of the film operator. The device gives a precise distance measurement through the LED screen and gives a notification on the LCD screen, from which the distance is measured.

The problem for Sensition OÜ was the fact that focal length is measured manually in the film industry and corrections are done using sight. Focal lengths are determined through various distance marks or with other assistive devices (for example, laser measuring tape). Such working methods are time-consuming and the preparation process, during which distance marks are marked with a tape or the distances are measured manually, are inconvenient for the whole film team.

The aim of the device is to identify a person or a point in the horizon. The new device allows working more precisely, saves time spent on the measurement and, by this, optimizes costs.

The lead console processes the data from the sensor and displays the distance measurement and information about where it is measured to the user. The sensor identifies people and their distances from the camera. It is fixed on the flat surface of the camera lens and the lead console next to the camera in a convenient position for the operator.

According to Margus Tuvike, the CEO of Sensition OÜ, the cooperation project has played an important role in product development from the early prototypes and cooperation will continue in the design agency MIKL created by postgraduates.

The project was supervised by Lauri Hirvesaar from the product design department of Estonian Academy of Arts and the authors are Mihkel-Emil Mikk, Mihkel Mäll (MIKL industrial design studio).

Additional information: Estonian Academy of Arts

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